The Aspiring Soup Chef!

About The Aspiring Soup Chef


20 years old, Quarter-life crisis, eliminated idol contestant, part-time athlete (cross-country), on-a-whim character that has decided to take up soup making as a hobby, amongst others hobbies such as reading, newspaper cutting, etc. Currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore reading Biological Life Sciences. Is of Filipino and Chinese heritage, and currently resides in, well… Singapore.

Country Style Chicken Soup (Biltmore Cafe Inspired)

Country Style Chicken Soup (Biltmore Cafe Inspired)

Me, at The Soup Spoon- Singapore


“I can’t bake, and I don’t want to. Why? Because I can’t afford it, I don’t like sweets (never did) and it isn’t in my interest to bake. On the other hand…”

“I love savoury foods! More importantly, I love soups. I am a religious patron of Soup Spoon, Souperlicious, and will jump at any soup item on a menu. I am also adventurous when it comes to exploring different flavours, and I hope that from there I can learn to make unique, personal soups, soups I can call my own and can share with others who are like me, who love soup, and just want an easy, idiot-proof recipe to experiment with in their own kitchens.”

“I wanna be a soup chef!”

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